Altino Apps

altino scratch

Adapted from the MIT Scratch platform, this app was developed by Saeon Co in South Korea to be used with Altino the Robot Car. A sprite program is also available so students can program an animated sprite (movement etc) whenever they do not have access to the robot. Scratch is a great platform to learn coding in a visual way.

crayon app

A great app also designed by Saeon Co. that teaches in a visual way sequential thinking. The Code with Altino Programme for early learning to Year 2 is based on this app. Students are able to program the robot's movement, steering, lights, LED dot matrix and sound.

remote control driving app
Remote control driving app

Start the students off with this app to drive and operate Altino via a remote control. Coding not required for this one. They will love it!

python app
Open source platforms

Altino's text-based programmes use open source platforms. "Open source" means that any member of the public can access it for not cost.

  • Python
  • C (Arduino)

  • And many more for advanced programmes - such as Visual Studio with Raspberry Pi.