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Why Altino the Robot Car?

Computer programming is about giving a computer instructions to perform a task. The instructions are known as code (or source code). The tasks performed can be in 3 categories:

  • Software development - develop new software or improve existing software.
  • Hardware development - addresses the hardware capabilities of a computer or network of computers
  • Website development - front end (what users see) and back end

Altino the Robot Car provides education in software development. Already software development is a rare and highly sought after skill (see video in Blogs page). Indeed, even in the future – it will be fundamental to many types of careers due to the rise of the digital age.

By learning to program Altino’s many functions students learn computer programming commands.

By learning to program Altino’s many sensors, students learn the basic principles of computer programming – for example, loops, operators and conditional statements.

All this in a real world scenario where students get instant feedback about the effectiveness of their programming. This is an important premise of STEM learning.

Altino is a small car – designed for ease of use in an educational setting. In a corporate environment, the same coding could easily be applied to real-life problems. Autonomous cars, appliances, reacting to changes in the environment, automation in factories, large robots, CCTV - just some examples. Because Altino is a “tangible” robot (not just a computer or animated sprite) – by programming a robot, the student sees how their programming can have a “tangible” effect on the environment around them.

The Code with Altino program therefore transforms your students or your employees from “users of technology” to “creators of technology”.

Altino was invented by Saeon Co. in South Korea. South Korea is a global leader in robotics – and all students are taught to code from an early age.

While it is most likely Australia’s most advanced AI educational robot, it is easy for teachers to teach – even those not “tech-savvy”. This is because the educational programme is activity-based. The teachers’ role is to facilitate these activities, not learn to code themselves.

Computer Programming Languages

computer programming languages altino

Technical Specifications

technical specifications altino

Use with a range of digital devices

  • Crayon - iPad, android tablet, iPhone.
  • Scratch - iPad, android tablet, iPhone, laptop, PC (Windows and apple).
  • Python, C(Arduino), Java, Android, Visual Studio - laptop, PC (Windows and apple).

Altino's Functions

  • Driving - Movement
    Controls movement backwards and forwards, and speed of the robot
  • Driving - Steering
    Controls direction of the robot
  • Lights
    10 lights e.g. program to switch on when dark
  • LED matrix display
    8 x 8 dot matrix for alphanumeric characters and pixel art
  • Sound
  • Music
    Different buzzers with different frequecies (Hz) that plays music as programmed
  • Remote control
    Robot receives remote control signals
  • Compass
    Determines exact location
  • Bluetooth
    Communication system between computer (or tablet) and robot

Altino's sensors

  • Infrared (or IR)
    Measure distance based on 6 infrared sensors positioned across the robot
  • CD (or Light)
    Measures illumination levels e.g. robot switches on lights on when Altino drives into a tunnel
  • Temperature
    Measures ambient temperature
  • Gyroscope
    Senses rotational motion (e.g. similar to an iPhone display moves as user rotates the device)
  • Accelerometer
    3-axis acceleration measurement e.g. robot moves backwards if bumps into object
  • Battery
    Control battery charge e.g. alert when battery is low