Videos - Altino the Robot Car

altino video

From Saeon Co., see how Altino the Robot Car teaches kids of all ages about teaching computer programming in the classroom.

sydney morning herald schools summit

AI, Robotics & Technology in the Classroom. Presented by Tonie Amos, Curriculum Development Manager Saeon Australia at Sydney Morning Herald Schools Summit 2019.

altino the robot car

See Altino the Robot Car and example of computer coding featured in The Geek Beat in the Hawaii Now News in the USA.

coding is fun video

Prepared by Saeon Australia, this video shows how easy and fun it is to learn to code from firstly using a visual (or block-based) programming language, then move to a text-based programming language.

future jobs in australia

Prepared by Saeon Australia, this video shows the top 10 future jobs in Australia, predicted to have highest growth in next 5 years, according to the World Economic Forum. Number 1 high growth job in the world also reported.