Why is learning to code important?

1. Coding & digital technologies are fundamental to careers in the future.

2. Now a mandatory part of the STEAM & Digital Technologies School Syllabus in Australia.

3. Learning multi-languages, with an advanced robot, empowers you to solve real-world problems.

"Learning to code, outside of the Code with Altino system, can be difficult and confusing. You may try teaching yourself in YouTube videos but this can be tedious, confusing and ad hoc. And it's difficult to know which videos to watch in order - often with different presenters who can be too technical. You may try coding camps, and existing software and websites, however they are not tailored to what you want from the program - and can often be a one-off exercise.
Our school programs are tailored to school's curriculum requirements (linked to NESA and ACARA Syllabus), and to individual goals in the case of robotics education packages.
We have set development pathways tailored to your needs to make it easy and fun for you or your students.
Children in NSW can even learn for FREE by using their Creative Kids Vouchers from the NSW Government.
Saeon Australia's mission is to help you or your students be confident coders and be leaders in a digital world"

Tonie Amos, Curriculum Development Manager, Saeon Australia

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