sydney morning herald schools summit

AI, Robotics & Technology in the Classroom. Presented by Tonie Amos, Curriculum Development Manager Saeon Australia at Sydney Morning Herald Schools Summit 2019.

prepare students for future
The AI Revolution July 20,2015.

Essay commissioned by the NSW Department of Education.

future jobs in australia

Prepared by Saeon Australia, this video shows the top 10 future jobs in Australia, predicted to have highest growth in next 5 years, according to the World Economic Forum. Number 1 high growth job in the world also reported.

artificial intelligence in the future

Provided exclusively to Saeon Australia, and written by Dr Kim Yun Jung in 2016 in South Korea, this is the English translation to Dr Jung's predictions of how Artificial Intelligence will change our future. Most noteable is the focus on job changes - for example, which jobs are more likely to be replaced by robots in the future.

altino the robot car

See Altino the Robot Car and example of computer coding featured in The Geek Beat in the Hawaii Now News in the USA.

r-biz competition

See Australia and Altino the Robot Car featured in South Korea in the International Robotics Competition.

australia and artificial intelligence

The AI revolution is here to stay and this article focused on Australia's part.

2050 report millenium project

From the Millenium Project, this is a report on a three-year international study that produced three detailed scenarios, conducted 30 national workshops in 29 countries, identified hundreds of action distilled to 93 that were assessed by hundreds of futurists and related experts in over 50 countries.