This is a great introductory video to show your students how the digital age has impacted our lives
Your students will see how the coding skills they learn at school will be applied to the real world

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To enquire about purchasing Altino the Robot for your school - anywhere in Australia

Together with your robots is an educational curriculum at any level, for each coding language, in addition to step by step teaching materials.

Altino is a one-off purchase - that provides an investment for the education of your students in years to come.
Pricing is less expensive than you think - and once you have rolled out Altino to your classrooms for 6 years (eg: Year 1 to Year 6)
your investment may only be $ 75 per student - to fully engage them in the STEM curriculum.
Ask us to show you how no other coding education product on the market can compete - either in features, education value or price.