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Corporate Training Programmes

Learning computer programming is now mandatory in NSW schools with the Digital Technologies syllabus. This means that over the next decade, many students entering your organisation will be highly “digital-savvy”.

Saeon Australia’s corporate training programmes are run in-house by our expert Curriculum Development Director, Tonie Amos, who has significant experience in adult learning, culture management and corporate training.

The main purpose of these programs is to help ensure your current employees are prepared and confident in managing the new digital future – and become “confident coders: with a strong foundation for understanding robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The programme includes teaching text-based computer programming to beginners with the Python language – and Altino the Robot Car in a fun and interactive manner.

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Technology Culture Programmes

The ideal cultural transformation program to help ensure your company stays ahead of the technology curve for years to come.

This programme transforms your corporate culture from teams of "technology-users" to "technology creators" - with computer programming, software, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming common language across your organisation.

Your Team Managers facilitate this change to embed the new culture across your organisation - and embrace the AI revolution. This also has the added advantage of making this a low cost option for your company – that creates sustainable positive change.

Programmes are tailored to your requirements.

Contact us directly at and request a no-obligation proposal.