Code with Altino and bring coding to life!


You may not know how to code yourself.

In only 3 hours, Altino the Robot will be teaching you,
to commence the coding educational program with your students.
Then during their first lesson in the classroom,
students will learn to think about how numbers and calculations
apply to the real world and be inspired.

And be engaged in the STEM Curriculum.

Use the same educational robot to teach students in early primary - through to high school and tertiary level
Teach your students how to think in the real world - while both of you are being taught by a robot
Teach how to make an app
Teach computer science, mathematics, collaborative problem solving and creative thinking
Teach your students how to create visual impact with flashing LED lights
Teach your students to use sensors in the real world - changing distance and speed
Encourage creativity - create music to maximise the impact of the robot
Inspire - by programming a car to drive "autonomously over any terrain". Yes, this means a driverless car

Then, at an advanced level - how to develop facial recognition software, CCTV and more ...
Competing on the world stage at the Altino Robot Competition in South Korea - the Coding Olympics!
In 2018 we sent our first Australian team to South Korea. Click here to see them in action in South Korea.

It is simple to get Altino in your classroom to make a positive educational impact now

And the Code with Altino Curriculum is now mapped to the NESA (NSW) and Australian Digital Curriculum.

Click here for teachers guide and here for link to Code with Altino Curriculum.

For example, email us at if you wish to host classes at your school at no cost to you or your parents via the NSW Government Creative Kids Vouchers. Sydney area only.

Now turn your IMAGINATION into action.

Click here for a sample of the Australian Code with Altino Curriculum and NESA/ACARA mapping.

Click here for a sample of educational videos included in Australian curriculum.

Saeon Australia is a featured presenter at:

sydney morning herald schools
AI, Robotics & The Future of Technology in the Classrooom
8 hours of NESA registered PD (NSW only)

From day one

Using their smart phone, android tablet or iPad, your students will see for themselves how coding, mathematics and problem solving relates to the real world

Worldwide rollout

Altino the Robot teaches in 9 countries worldwide, including USA. South Korean market alone - 40 high schools, 46 universities, 8 research institutes and government agencies


Full curriculum from early primary to tertiary, with step-by-step teaching materials in each language

Classrooms in the real world

Set up your 4WD track in the middle of the classroom - code, experiment, watch, explore, inspire and create action

Teach how to think

Teaches students how to think and apply coding in real life -
not simply copy and paste

Computers change everything

Watch this video that shows people from all walks of life talking about how computers impact our world


Curriculums suitable for early primary, late primary through to tertiary. Covers Scratch, Android, Arduino and C Language.

Coding & Robotics Competency Profile

Click here for Profile students can show to parents or potential employers - proving how they can apply coding to the real world

A Few Words About Us

Brought to you exclusively by Saeon Australia, an Australian owned arm of Saeon Co. South Korea - educational robot pioneers and Electronic Signs Pty Ltd - the leader in signage technology in schools across Australia.

AND, Altino the educational robot vehicle.

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Here's what schools, government and
tech game changers have to say

  • Altino the Coding Robot takes coding to levels far beyond those previously available in primary schools. I am certain it will be a wonderful springboard for our students and staff, as the 2019 Digital Literacy and STEM Curriculum hits all NSW schools.

    bill gates coding Robert Peers, Principal
    Our Lady Star of the Sea, Terrigal, NSW

    Altino the Robot was a great addition to the schools' STEM resources. It provided a practical coding platform that was accessible by all students from K-6, which made it more versatile than many other robots available. Altino generated great interest amongst the students and they were all excited to use it, which allowed the staff to attempt some higher level coding in Scratch, especially with Stage 3. Overall, Altino has proven to be a real success story for the school and an invaluable resource for use with the new Science and Technology Curriculum and as a motivational tool for coding.

    steve jobs coding Steven Napoleoni
    Technology Teacher, Wilton Public School, NSW

  • "Computer Language Coding
    Early Education Frenzy".

    korean government coding Korean Government

    Due to Saeon's readily accessible, easily understood technology, nearly 100 Hawaii teachers and more have been taught to program. These classes are part of a statewide effort to reform the educational system and create a technologically skilled student body. These efforts are greatly appreciated and will prepare our keiki for the future

    sheryl sandberg coding State of Hawaii, USA

  • Today is the essential understanding of computer science. Our national competitiveness depends on how well we can teach children this.

    sheryl sandberg coding Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook

    Today the digital revolution is still unfamiliar to most people of the planet.
    Programming will change everything over the next decade.

    eric schmidt programming Eric Schmidt, Google

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Together with your robots is an educational curriculum at any level, for each coding language, in addition to step by step teaching materials.

Altino is a one-off purchase - that provides an investment for the education of your students in years to come.
Pricing is less expensive than you think - and once you have rolled out Altino to your classrooms for 6 years (eg: Year 1 to Year 6)
your investment may only be $ 75 per student - to fully engage them in the STEM curriculum.
Ask us to show you how no other coding education product on the market can compete - either in features, education value or price.

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