Code with Altino Programmes

See how Altino the Robot Car is embedded into the Code with Altino Programmes.

They are listed below - and there is something for everyone.


SchoolRobot Packages

For: Schools and Teachers

Designed for STEM and mandatory technology syllabus. Aligned with ACARA and NESA. Robot Packages include 5 Altino the Robot Cars. In addition an Altino Licence for the school whereby all teachers have unlimited access to the online Code with Altino Programme. Robots are easily transportable between classrooms and lessons.

Teachers' Professional Development Programmes

For: Australian School Teachers

These programmes will be rolling out in NSW and South Australia from Terms 3 and 4 2021. The programme is currently being reviewed pending NESA (NSW) new provider standards for Professional Development for Teachers. We encourage you to subscribe for these programs using the contact form on this website so we can keep you up to date, including other states in Ausralia.

NSW GovernmentFREE Coding Programmes

For: Schools and Parents

In NSW, parents have $100 to spend on creative activities for their child. Saeon Australia is a registered provider of the NSW Government Creative Kids Voucher. This is an incredible opportunity for students to be exposed to the wonders of Altino the Robot Car and learning to code - at no cost to parents or the school. Saeon Australia provides the expert teachers and all robotics materials.

Teach YourselfComputer Programming

For: Students or families

Always wanted to learn how to code at home - but never knew how? Now it is easy and fun! Simply purchase a Stem Robotics package at Start with block coding to learn the key principles of computer programming, then progress to text-based coding with Python. Package includes your very own Altino the Robot Car and easy to follow Code with Altino education programme.

Early LearningProgrammes

For: Early Learning Centres

As simple as purchasing an Early Learning Classroom Pack, educators use the simple Crayon app to teach chldren ages 5 - 6 about STEM and robotics. The Learning with a Robot Car Programme is mapped to the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

TechnologyCulture Programmes

For: Companies

The ideal transformation program to help ensure your business stays ahead of the technology curve for years to come. This programme transforms your corporate culture from "technology-users" to "technology creators" - with computer programming, software, robotics and AI becoming common language. Team Managers facilitate this change to embed the new culture.