Altino the Robot Car has educated thousands of school students,
across hundreds of schools in 9 countries, including the USA.

St Johns Park Public School

Alex, Year 6 teacher

"I have never seen kids so excited to learn"

Wilton Public School

Steve Napoleoni, Technology Teacher

"Altino the Coding Robot is a practical coding platform and more versatile than other robots available. Altino has proven to be a real success story and an invaluable resource with the new Science & Technology Curriculum as a motivational tool for coding"

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University of South Australia, UniSA Connect
Associate Professor Simon Leonard, Associate Professor: STEM Education, University of South Australia

"The Altino Education system is an excellent application of challenging but age appropriate programming which can act as a catalyst for complex computational thinking."

Did you know? The Government of Hawaii gives Altino the Robot Car endorsement to teach coding in all schools in Hawaii?

"Altino has been incorporated into the City of Daejon's school curriculum. As a result, Daejon has become the top coding district in the entire country. These classes are part of a statewide effort to reform the educational system and create a technologically skilled student body. These efforts are greatly appreciated and will prepare our keiki (children) for the future."

government of hawaii endorsing altino

Did you know? Our Curriculum Development Manager presented at the Sydney Morning Herald Schools Summit in February 2019.

Sydney morning herald summit
"AI, Robotics & Technology in the Classroom"

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